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Introduction to the
Online Masonic Education Course

For the Benefit of Masons Wither So Ever Dispersed Around the Globe,
Particularly our Brethren in California.

The idea of this “Online Masonic Education Course” is the brainstorm of a Past Master of California. Seeing the decline of Masonry in general, it is felt that we need to educate our members so they can knowledgeably discuss the topic of Freemasonry. The wide open area of technology in the “Computer Age” seemed the likely place to go. Our members, or others, can be in the comfort of their home without a time schedule and complete this course. Since there is nothing in the course touching upon the ritualistic or esoteric portions of Masonry, the general public can participate and learn the: who, what and why of Freemasonry. As a brother you will be the better to answer the question: “What is Freemasonry”? As a non-member, you might ask the question of a Mason: “How do I become a Mason?

The books used in this course are a composite of several “Candidate’s Books” used in California over the past 60 plus years. Many knowledgeable Masons in California and other jurisdictions have contributed to the text and questions in these books. We give them our heartfelt thanks. Some of the material may not be appropriate in your jurisdiction, never the less it is all valuable information for the education of every Mason.

Please read the following article before you continue:

Just Starting – When a newly made Brother is raised to the degree of Master Mason, he is apt to feel that he is a finished Mason. As a matter of fact, his experience has only just begun. He has received the tools and equipment of a mason, and their uses have been explained to him: now he is expected to apply the principles of life and conduct which have been inculcated by the degrees, the ceremonies, the lessons and lectures of Masonry are the school which fit men for practical Masonry, a life of service and performance. These things are not the end but the means. In the orders and pleasures of the Lodge work, we are apt exalt the ceremonials to the first place and to worship the form rather than the substance. When asked what our Lodge is doing, we mention the number of initiates added to the Lodge, forgetting the real service to humanity which, as Freemasons, we are expected to render, and which is the only justification of our profession. Spreading the light by bringing new and promising material within the range of its influences is worthy and commendable, but that is only elementary Masonic work. Looking after those who are in the Lodge, stimulating and encouraging their interest, this is as essential as the initiating, passing and raising of new recruits. No Mason” graduates” until he is dead, and he may not graduate with honor even then. “Author Unknown”

I hope that you choose to participate in this “Online Masonic Education Course”. There is no reward for your participation except “Further Light in Masonry”. After reviewing this course if you have any suggestions to improve any of the material or questions asked, please comment to the webmaster.