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The Grand Orations of
The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge F. & A. M.
of the State of California


First, to set the stage with a history of the Grand Orator's office, and let us learn something of the rich heritage of wisdom and grace, since the lessons of the past can teach us to adapt our actions to the demands of the present. It was not until 1856, at the 7th Annual Communication, that Grand Master William H. Howard appointed John F. Morse the first Grand Orator; then in 1857 authorization was obtained "to procure suitable jewels and regalia for the Grand Orator"; and that the 1859 revision of the Grand Lodge Constitution was the first to list the Grand Orator among other Grand Lodge Officers. Then, as still defined today, the Grand Orator's function was "to deliver at each Annual Communication an address to the Grand Lodge, upon matters appertaining to the Craft." (Above Information from Grand Oration by Auri Spigelman, Grand Orator 1995)

The following Orations were scanned from the Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted
Masons of California. Every effort has been made to insure that the contents of these orations are correct as given. Some spelling of words were different in the older orations, the meaning does not change. For different reasons some years were not published in the proceedings and are not available.

We hope that these orations will give an incite of the past and an education for the future. Some Masonic Historians of today may not agree with information contained in these “Orations” remember they were written with the knowledge they had available at the time.

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Index of the Grand Orations
Year - Grand Orator
Title if Available
1856 John F. Morris
First Appointed Grand Orator -- No Oration
1857 James W. Claiborne
Not Printed in Proceedings
1858 James Lawrence English
Not Printed in Proceedings
1859 James Lawrence English
No Title
1860 Sir Henry M. Gray
At The Cornerstone Ceremony
1861 Addison C. Niles
No Title
1862 Humphrey Griffith
No Title
1863 Thomas Starr King
No Title
1864 Thomas Starr King Not Printed in Proceedings    
1865 Addison C. Niles No Title DOC PDF
1866 Leonidas E. Pratt No Title DOC PDF
1867 John R. Buckbee No Title DOC PDF
1868 John B. Felton No Title DOC PDF
1869 Frank M. Pixley No Title DOC PDF
1870 John Mills Browne Not Printed in Proceedings    
1871 John Mills Browne No Title DOC PDF
1872 Edward E. W. McKinstry No Title DOC PDF
1873 William H. L. Barnes Not Printed in Proceedings    
1874 Samuel C. Denson No Title DOC PDF
1875 Henry Huntley Haight No Title DOC PDF
1876 John H. C. Bonte No Title DOC PDF
1877 Aaron A. Sargent
Read by Charles L. Wiggin, D. G. M.
No Title DOC PDF
1878 Thomas Guard No Title DOC PDF
1879 Lorenzo Sawyer No Title DOC PDF
1880 Edgar F. Preston No Title DOC PDF
1881 Marcus D. Boruck No Title DOC PDF
1882 Reverend Thomas H. B. Anderson No Title DOC PDF
1883 Henry E. Highton No Title DOC PDF
1884 John H. Dickinson No Title DOC PDF
1885 Reverend William A. Knighten No Title DOC PDF
1886 Morris March Estee No Title DOC PDF
1887 John Nelles Young No Title DOC PDF
1888 Thomas Henry Laine No Title DOC PDF
1889 Adam Clark Bane No Title DOC PDF
1890 Jacob Voorsanger No Title DOC PDF
1891 Marcus Derkhiem Boruck Not Printed in Proceedings    
1892 Reuben Hedley Lloyd No Title DOC PDF
1893 Eugene Nelson Deuprey No Title DOC PDF
1894 Niles Searls No Title DOC PDF
1895 Eugene Nelson Deuprey No Title DOC PDF
1896 Jacob Voorsanger No Title DOC PDF
1897 Francis Ellsworth Baker No Title DOC PDF
1898 Edward Spalding No Title DOC PDF
1899 Cabkoia Cook No Title DOC PDF
1900 Carroll Cook No Title DOC PDF
1901 John A. Hosmer No Title DOC PDF
1902 Edward H. Hart No Title DOC PDF
1903 Edward H. Hart “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” DOC PDF
1904 Alonzo J. Monroe "The Contributions of Masonry to Human Progress" DOC PDF
1905 George C. Church Not Printed in the Proceedings    
1906 Oscar Lawler "God moves in a mysterious way his wonders to perform." DOC PDF
1907 Jacob Nieto “What Makes A Mason” DOC PDF
1908 Jacob Nieto Not Printed in the Proceedings    
1909 Benjamin F. Bledsoe "Operative or Speculative?" DOC PDF
1910 Charles A. Adams "Masonry in Business and Politics" DOC PDF
1911 Albert G. Burnett No Title DOC PDF
1912 James A. Foshay "Temple and Character Building" DOC PDF
1913 Wm. Rhodes Hervey "Symbols" DOC PDF
1914 William H. Waste No Title DOC PDF
1915 Matt S. Hughes "A Triad of Masonic Ideals" DOC PDF
1916 Samuel E. Burke No Title DOC PDF
1917 Robert B. Gaylord No Title DOC PDF
1918 Charles H. Victor No Title (about the war) DOC PDF
1919 Charles H. Victor No Title DOC PDF
1920 Albert E. Boynton No Title DOC PDF
1921 Harvey D. Loveland No Title DOC PDF
1922 Will H. Fischer No Title DOC PDF
1923 John L McNab "Masonry In Its Relation to Citizenship" DOC PDF
1924 Ben R. Walker No Title DOC PDF
1925 Robert B. Gaylord No Title DOC PDF
1926 Ezra W. Decoto No Title DOC PDF
1927 Fletcher A. Cutler No Title DOC PDF
1928 Rufus B. von KleinSmid Not Printed in the Proceedings    
1929 Rev. Dr. Tully C. Knoles ''Education from a Masonic Standpoint" DOC PDF
1930 William C. Hassler "The Age of Speculative Masonry" DOC PDF
1931 Leslie E. Learned No Title DOC PDF
1932 Oakley K. Morton No Title DOC PDF
1933 Reynold E. Blight No Title DOC PDF
1934 Ira F. Thompson "The Beginnings of Freemasonry" DOC PDF
1935 Ira F. Thompson No Title DOC PDF
1936 Albert F. Ross No Title DOC PDF
1937 William B. Ogden "Our Heritage" DOC PDF
1938 Warren E. Libby "Our Responsibility" DOC PDF
1939 G. Ellsworth Meyer "The Quest" DOC PDF
1940 Leo E. Anderson "Civic Responsibilities of Masons" DOC PDF
1941 Henry C. Clausen "Toward Greater Masonic Action" DOC PDF
1942 Lawrence C. Kelley No Title DOC PDF
1943 Arthur Paulsen "Masonry" DOC PDF
1944 William J. Courtiour "The Master" DOC PDF
1945 Morris Goldstein Address not given by directive of the Grand Master DOC PDF
1946 Morris Goldstein "How Should Masons Act?" DOC PDF
1947 Judge William B. McKesson "The Third Step" DOC PDF
1948 Judge Albert C. Wollenberg "The Masonic Citizen In To Day's World" DOC PDF
1949 Joseph R. Knowland Sr. "California's Centennials Recall Early Masonic History" DOC PDF
1950 J. Everett Houser "The Unfinished Temple" DOC PDF
1951 Edward H. Rowins "The Marks Of A Master Mason" DOC PDF
1952 Ralph C. Hine "A Time For Vision" DOC PDF
1953 Loys T. Newton "He Is "In Truth" A Master Mason" DOC PDF
1954 Herbert A. Huebner "Faith Of Our Fathers" DOC PDF
1955 Milton D. Sapiro "We Are Free" DOC PDF
1956 Wakefield Taylor "Franklin’s life, A Lesson To Masons" DOC PDF
1957 Ralph H. Head "Freedom's Holy Light" DOC PDF
1958 Melvin A. Pixley "Proper Communications - The Answer" DOC PDF
1959 Theodore Meriam "Reappraisal" DOC PDF
1960 Judge Gerald S. Levin "The Spirit Of Freemasonry In A Time That Tries Men's Souls" DOC PDF
1961 Myron E. Smith "For Such A Time As This" DOC PDF
1962 Dr. Robert B. Watts "Whirling Wheels" DOC PDF
1963 Charles Becker "We Are Builders, Yet" DOC PDF
1964 Eugene S. Hopp "Dedicated To Freemasonry, Virtue And Universal Benevolence" DOC PDF
1965 Byron C. Morton "A Re-Examination Of The Fundamentals Of Freemasonry" DOC PDF
1966 Warren J. Blomseth "There Is No Rest For A Messenger Till the Message Is Delivered" DOC PDF
1967 Warren Harrison
(Delivered by Warren J. Blomseth)
"A Talk About Candlepower" DOC PDF
1968 Carl H. Allen "A Challenge To Responsibility" DOC PDF
1969 William J. Williams "Let There Be Light" DOC PDF
1970 Donald R. Fretz "Tomorrow, And Tomorrow, And Tomorrow" DOC PDF
1971 Burton Meyer Jr. "Thank God I Am An American" DOC PDF
1972 Ralph W. Winters "A Challenge Of Principle" DOC PDF
1973 Harlan P. Huebner "The Time Is Now" DOC PDF
1974 Walker S. Kisselburgh "A Flickering Flame?" DOC PDF
1975 Donald G Ingalls "The American Dream" DOC PDF
1976 Ronald L. Broaddus "What Must I Do" DOC PDF
1977 Adrian Charles West "Courage---Or Conformity?" DOC PDF
1978 Melvin F. Schuster "Preserving Our Fraternal Foundations" DOC PDF
1979 M. William Holsinger "Whence Came You And Whither Are You Traveling?" DOC PDF
1980 Glenn D. Woody "You've Got To Have The Ball To Score!" DOC PDF
1981 William J. Crawford "The Pledge And The Performance" DOC PDF
1982 Melville H. Nahin "We Are Our Brothers' Keepers" DOC PDF
1983 Richard L. Riemer "Can Your Signature Be Read Without The Use Of Spectacles?" DOC PDF
1984 Donald A. Nielsen "You Can Make A Difference--If You Believe" DOC PDF
1985 R. Stephen Doan "Masonry For The Twenty-First Century" DOC PDF
1986 Ronald A. Sherod "Masons Have An Important Story To Tell" DOC PDF
1987 Charles H. Alexander "Masonry Into Men" DOC PDF
1988 Warren L. Sanborn "Masonry - Nothing But Good" DOC PDF
1989 Lee A. Strong "Nobody Said It Would Be Easy" DOC PDF
1990 Gordon "Jim" Vaughan "Commitment To The Future" DOC PDF
1991 James McDonald No Title DOC PDF
1992 Harold S. Stein, Jr. No Title DOC PDF
1993 Frederick L. Sorsabal No Title DOC PDF
1994 J. Lloyd Clayton No Title DOC PDF
1995 Auri Spigelman "What Came You Here To Do?" DOC PDF
1996 Howard E. Lewis III "Masonic Mentoring" DOC PDF
1997 Ronald L. Koretz "Quality = Making A Difference" DOC PDF
1998 Thomas M. Boles No Title DOC PDF
1999 Melvyn B. Stein "The Choir Isn't Singing" DOC PDF
2000 Ronald E. Cooper "Portrait of a Mason" DOC PDF
2001 Larry Adamson No Title DOC PDF
2002 Richard K. Pumerantz  No Title DOC PDF
2003 William J. Bray No Title DOC PDF
2004 George L. Geanoulis No Title DOC PDF
2005 John F. Lowe "On Constancy" DOC PDF
2006 H. John Fletcher   DOC PDF
2008 Mark N. Gibson   DOC PDF
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