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“Reading Material”

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Suggested Reading List
(Adapted from the Livingston Masonic Library (NY) Reading Courses)

• Masonic Philanthropies by S. Brent Morris
• The Craft and its Symbols by Allen E. Roberts
• A Comprehensive View of Freemasonry by Henry Wilson Coil
• The Builders by Joseph Fort Newton
• Along Masonic Trails by Wilmer E. Bresee
• The Men's House by Joseph Fort Newton
• The Newly-Made Mason by H.L. Haywood
• Freemasons' Guide and Compendium by Bernard Edward Jones
• Foreign Countries by Carl Claudy
• A Pilgrim's Path by John J. Robinson

• Dear Brother Herman by Herman Sarachan
• The Genesis of Freemasonry by Douglas Knoop and G.P. Jones
• The Pocket History of Freemasonry by Fred L. Pick and G. Norman Knight
• Facts, Fables, and Fantasies of Freemasonry by William A. Brown
• Masonic Symbolism by Charles C. Hunt
• Revelations of a Square by George Oliver
• Sources of Masonic Symbolism by Alex Horne
• Famous Masons by H.L. Haywood
• The Clergy and the Craft by Forrest DeLoss Haggard
• A Masonic Thought for Each Day of the Year by Alphonse Cerza
• Spirit of Masonry by William Hutchinson
• The Meaning of Masonry by Walter Wilmshurst
• The Masonic Ladder by John Sherer
• The Temple and the Lodge by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh
• Revolutionary Brotherhood by Stephen Bullock
• House Undivided by Allen E. Roberts
• House Reunited by Allen E. Roberts
• Masonic Membership of the Founding Fathers by Ronald F. Heaton
• Freemasonry and the Presidency by Ray Vaughn Denslow
• Colonial Freemasonry by Louis C. Wes Cook
• Freemasonry in the Thirteen Colonies by J. Hugo Tatsch
• Cornerstones of Freedom by S. Brent Morris
• Brother Truman by Allen E. Roberts
• G. Washington, Master Mason by Allen E. Roberts
• Freemen and Freemasons by James W. Beless

• The Lodge in Friendship Village by P.W. George
• These Were Brethren by Carl H. Claudy
• The Man Who Would be King (and other stories) by Rudyard Kipling
• Twice-Told Tales by L.C. Helms
• A Treasury of Masonic thought by Carl Glick
• Tied to Masonic Apron Strings by Stewart M.L. Pollard
• Born In Blood by John J. Robinson
• Two Crowns for America by Katherine Kurtz
• Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco
• How to Become a Masonic Lodge Officer by H.L. Haywood
• The Lodge and the Craft by Rollin C. Blackmer
• Our Stations and Places by Henry G. Meacham
• Family Masonic Education Workbook by Burt Prater
• Freemasonry and its Etiquette by William Campbell-Everden
• Fraternal Poetry & Prose by Henry Emmerson
• Designs Upon the Trestleboard by Arthur R. Herrmann
• Masonic Lodge Methods by L.B. Blakemore
• Sing, Brothers, Sing by Carl F. Price
• The Masters Book by Carl H. Claudy
• 75 Ways to Attract and Retain New Members
• 101+ Ways to Improve Interest and Attendance in Your Masonic Lodge
• 150+ Ways to Involve Your Lodge With the Family and in the Community
• Is It True What They Say About Freemasonry? by Art deHoyos and S. Brent Morris

• Short Talks on Masonry by Joseph Fort Newton
• The Art of Public Speaking by Stephen Lucas
• 3-5-7 Minute Talks on Freemasonry by Benjamin Elbert Bede
• A Treasury of Masonic Thought by Carl Glick
• The Old Past Master by Carl H. Claudy
• Communicating Effectively by Saundra Hybels
• Prayers for All Occasions by Stuart R. Oglesby
• One Hundred Short Prayers by May Stafford Hilburn

• Whither Are We Traveling by Dwight L. Smith
• Masonic Addresses by Barnard Eberlin
• Chips From the Quarries by Richard H. Brown
• 600 Years of Craft Ritual by Harry Carr
• The Search for Leadership by Allen Roberts
• The Art of Public Speaking by Stephen Lucas
• The Jurisprudence of Masonry by Albert Mackey
• Masonic Odes and Poems by S. Brent Morris

• Royal Arch, Capstone of Freemasonry by Ray Vaughn Denslow
• Light from the Sanctuary by Charles Albert Snodgrass
• Lessons in Capitular Masonry by Charles C. Hunt
• The Royal Arch, its Hidden Meaning by George Harold Steinmetz
• The Temples in Jerusalem by Harry Kelso Eversull
• Some Royal Arch Terms Examined by Roy A. Wells
• Freemasons' Book of the Royal Arch by Bernard Edward Jones
• The York Rite of Freemasonry by Frederick G. Speidel

• Lodge of the Double-Headed Eagle by William L. Fox
• History of the Supreme Council, 33°, A.A.S.R., N.M.J., U.S.A.
by George Newbury and Louis Williams
• The Story of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry by Harold Van Buren Voorhis
• The Bible in Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma by Rex Hutchens and Donald Monson
• A Bridge to Light by Rex Hutchens
• Theatre of the Fraternity by Lance Brockman
• Modern Historical Characters in Freemasonry by John H. Van Gorden
• Albert Pike: The Man Beyond the Monument by James Tresner
• Rose Croix: The History of the Ancient and Accepted Rite for England and Wales by Alexander C.F. Jackson


• Masonic Symbols in American Decorative Arts
• Bespangled, Painted and Embroidered by Barbara Franco
• Fraternally Yours: A Decade of Collecting by Barbara Franco
• Masonic Collectables by George B. Spielman
• The Care of Antiques and Historical Collections by A. Bruce MacLeish
• Material Culture of American Freemasons by John D. Hamilton

• DeWitt Clinton by Dorothis Bobbé
• Stephen A. Douglas, Freemason by Wayne C. Temple
• Garibaldi in the Light of History by Leonardo Bochicchio
• Mozart and Masonry by Paul Nettl
• Albert Pike--The Man Beyond the Monument by James Tresner
• Paul Revere and the World He Lived In by Esther Forbes
• T.R.; The Story of Theodore Roosevelt and His Influence on Our Times
by Noel Fairchild Busch
• Sibelius and his Masonic Music by Hermine Williams
• Thomas Smith Webb, Freemason, Musician, Entrepeneur by Herbert R. Leyland

• The Eastern Star by Harold V.B. Voorhis
• Hi...Dad! [De Molay] by Herbert Ewing Duncan
• Beyond the Craft by Keith B. Jackson
• Seekers of Truth: The Story of the Philalethes Society, 1928-1988 by Allen E. Roberts
• History of the Royal Order of Jesters
• Parade to Glory; The Story of the Shriners and Their Hospitals for Crippled Children by Fred Van Deventer
• Fifty Years of National Sojourners by LaVon Parker Linn

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